Solutions: Professional Services


Because success of your IT and web infrastructure requires more than just the best facilities and support, Nu-Age complements our core offering with additional services to assist implementation and delivery of key content. Whether you need implementation, design or delivery assistance, Nu-Age has expert resources ready to assist.

Companies are increasingly looking for third-party expertise to support their mission-critical Web infrastructures, applications, and processes to allow them to focus valuable IT resources on core business activities. Nu-Age can design, build, and maintain your IT infrastructure, so your internal IT resources are free to focus on other priorities.

However you might need to augment your resources, our certified engineers and operations experts can support your efforts on short-term projects or long-term program management. Let Nu-Age Professional Services help you maximize the performance and value of your web infrastructure and data center operations


Nu-Age provides fully-integrated data center, managed hosting and cloud services as well as hardware/software providing our customers design, architecture and infrastructure assistance. Whether it's designing or implementation solutions or simply best practices consulting, our skilled professionals can assist with the planning and integration efforts related to any of the areas listed below:

  • Data center migration
  • Space utilization and power configuration
  • Network design and architecture
  • Backup and Storage systems design and validation
  • Security and Access controls
  • Systems and Application configuration and interoperability
  • Project Management
Cloud Hosting

IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business and is critical to supporting day-to-day operations. For this reason, the Nu-Age Cloud allows you to trust us with all your server hosting and management needs. The Nu-Age data center operates with high availability, plus, our engineers take care of maintaining servers, performing backups, installing upgrades and proactive health management.

The Nu-Age Cloud is all about maintaining control over both your software and applications, but also your physical infrastructure. Built using VMware, the leader in enterprise virtualization and cloud software, the Nu-Age Cloud delivers the redundancy and scalability your business requires. Our IT Managed Services team can help your business with infrastructure management including monitoring, network infrastructure management, and warranty support and coordination. Our Security Scanning services help you detect and fix possible weaknesses in your network. When you combine our suite of Nu-Age managed services with our enterprise data centers, you get a solution built using industry best practice.


Eliminate Hardware Costs

Take advantage of the server applications without the hassle, cost, equipment and resources required to manage them yourself. There’s no need to purchase hardware and you get the benefits of an enterprise-class data center for a fraction of the cost of an on premise solution. With the Nu-Age Cloud, you get to use the sophisticated hardware capabilities as a service and avoid the upfront and ongoing expenses tied to equipment, personnel and operations.

Proactive Maintenance of Mission Critical Applications

Managing servers has become a strategic function within businesses. That’s why the Nu-Age Cloud is designed to prevent problems before they occur. Our service monitors hundreds of aspects of each server and the application’s security and performance 24×7, allowing us to anticipate and correct issues before they occur.

Certified SSAE16 Network

Many different types of organizations utilize the Nu-Age Cloud. With clients ranging from media, financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and other industries, many of our clients need to select a provider that has achieved and maintains compliance standards in order to meet their own regulatory and compliance standards. Organizations in today’s business climate face regulations including SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, and others in order to ensure that proper safeguards and best practices are being allowed related to privacy, information security, controls, etc.

For this reason, the Nu-Age Cloud maintains Statement on Standards or Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE 16) Type II audits (formerly SAS 70 Type II) and has achieved the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. The successful completion of these audits validates high standards or the Nu-Age Cloud management objectives, which include: security, availability, operational process integrity, maintainability, performance, and customer service.

State of the Art Security

Human intervention prevents attempts to breach systems, biometrics prevent social engineering. State-of-the-art security systems include: Biometric authentication to all secure areas/doors, proximity card/biometric, man-trap authentication and anti-passback, 24x7x365 on-site security personnel, and a CCTV network that monitors all interior and exterior strategic locations and access points, with 90-day video retention.

Redundant, Next Generation UPS Systems

Always-On UPS with backup generators ensures that your gear stays on. Our centers Nu-feature true diverse power systems to your gear. This level of redundancy is commonly known as 1+1, A and B power. Our 2 (N+ 1) power systems are comprised of high efficiency UPS systems with individual battery validation systems backed by diesel generation. Each power system is capable of delivering single pole (120v), double pole (208v), triple pole, or three-phase configurations.

High-Density Cooling Systems Environment

Redundant dry coolers and hot aisle / cold aisle configuration ensure proper cooling of your servers. The Nu-Age data center utilizes cabinets with sealed backs and heat chimneys that remove hot air without contaminating cool ambient air in the Nu-Age facility. Low-velocity, high-CFM ambient air cooling is provided via the most-up-to-date green technology.