Solutions: Managed Systems


Successful management of operating systems are a top priority for many of today’s IT managers. But with shrinking IT budgets and increasingly limited resources, making sure your systems are up-to-date and running optimally can be a very difficult task to manage effectively.

With Nu-Age Managed Systems services, you can have peace of mind that all of your critical systems are fully monitored, managed and maintained for optimal performance.

  • Managed OS is a fully managed solution that includes configuration, patch management, proactive monitoring with system statistics captured on key events, and reports readily available through the Nu-Age Customer Portal.
  • Managed Active Directory provides a Nu-Age Managed OS for Windows® client with centralized account management, internal DNS capabilities and the domain structure required for cluster services.
  • Distributed DNS Hosting provides highly available, geographically distributed authoritative name servers. Built using BIND 9 technology with redundant authoritative name servers located in four of our state-of-the-art data centers, Nu-Age Distributed DNS Hosting infrastructure is secure and highly reliable so your web systems stay on-line and available.
  • Database System Administration Management Services for SQL Server offers an array of features delivered by Nu-Age expertly trained MS SQL server administrators without the expense of hiring full-time staff.