Solutions: Managed Voice & Data

Managed Voice & Data

Businesses of all sizes are increasing productivity and reducing costs by delivering voice services over the same IP network they use for data.

For many businesses, however, the cost of implementing and managing the IP communications solution internally is prohibitive. By outsourcing their IP communications through Nu-Age Managed Services, clients are avoiding the initial CapEx and providing economies of scale for the future.

Whether you opt for outside management of the entire IP network, operational management of IP equipment, or provisioning of specific telecommunications services, Nu-Age Managed Services can help ensure your business is operating productively and efficiently.


  • Managed or hosted IP telephony services – Provides an IP telephony server, either on the client premises or on the service provider’s site.
  • Site-to-site voice VPNs – Enables companies to use the provider’s VoIP infrastructure for toll bypass on inter-company calls.
  • Managed and hosted unified messaging – Provides messaging services such as voicemail, e-mail, fax and find me/follow me, enabling employees to define how they receive messages and calls.
  • Enhanced IP communications services – Includes centralized management of a company’s private dial plan, call blocking to international, mobile, premium rate, or defined sets of numbers, comprehensive call reporting, and other services
  • Pay as you grow – You can start with just the number of IP phones they need and expand the service as you grow.
  • Elements of cost savings from a managed IP – Communications services include reduced toll costs for intersite and long-distance calls, reduced internal staffing and support requirements, and elimination of costs for extension moves, adds, and changes.
  • Enhance productivity – Extension mobility, find me/follow me, companywide voicemail access, and the ability to check e-mail and voicemail from one place (either the e-mail inbox or the voicemail box).
  • Ensure highest voice quality – Ensure excellent voice quality with guaranteed SLAs and the option for 24x7 professional support.