Solutions: Contact Centers

Managed IP Contact Centers

Managed IP contact centers combine traditional call center features with intelligent IP call routing, unified communications, and affordable pay-as-you-go cost models. Improve your sales, marketing, and client support functions by integrating e-mail, phone, Web, instant messaging, fax, as well as other means of client contact. Provide your clients with a fully functional Web contact center at a fraction of the cost of an internal solution.


  • Managed IP contract center with complete processing of communications workflows
  • Unified messaging, directory, and search services
  • Integration of messaging solutions such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Additional tools for personal assistance, Web collaboration, reporting, and video telephony
  • Corporate billing, accounting, and network communications management
  • Training the staff or assisting with staffing needs
  • Reduce CapEx – Call center agents do not need specialized hardware, instead they access the network-based contact center application using a standard PC and Web browser.
  • Control OpEx – Companies benefit from our cost-sharing model and pay per agent or by usage. The contract can also include the cost of periodic equipment upgrades.
  • Enjoy flexible deployment options – Meet growing client demand by using a scalable managed IP contact center – start with as few as one agent and scale to hundreds of agents as you need to. Companies can open new contact centers in any region where the provider has coverage, and can also support home-based agents.